Recreation place Lielborne Manor

Recreation place Lielborne Manor

Recreation place Lielborne Manor


Address:  Lielborne manor, Lielborne, Salienas rural municipality,  Daugavpils district, Latvia
Contact person: Nora Poiša, +371 29284480,,

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Recreation place Lielborne Manor

Lielborne manor is the only manor complex that has survived in the territory of the nature park “Daugavas loki”, it was renovated in 2020! The manor house overlooks the Daugava River, Kraslava is 16 km and Daugavpils is 35 km away. At the manor you can see the 18th century build castle and the castle which was built in the beginning of the 19th century in the style of classicism.

It is a great place for families with children, friends, anniversaries and weddings, as well as seminars and small conferences.

Guests can enjoy nature by walking along the ancient manor park of Lielborne or on the walking trails that leads along the Borne River with its steep slopes, offering a romantic view of the Daugava bands, mill ruins and waterfall, as well as the restored mill pond.

Lielborne manor offers:

  • Excursions around the recreation complex of Lielborne manor and its romantic park trail.
  • Accommodation in a hotel. There are 11 spacious and cozy rooms to choose from, as well as 2 high-standard two-room suites.
  • Accommodation in a campsite located in the nature park "Daugavas loki".
  • A unique short hike “Go through the river” from Lielborne manor till Bornes River.
  • Boat trips and rentals.
  • Great, multifunctional children's playground for outdoor activities, as well as testing the strength and dexterity of climbing walls.
  • Cableway consisting of 8 obstacles. Here you will find the Liana Bridge, a rock ladder and the Fishermen's Network, as well as the sloping road and the Slackline for young people.
  • Rooms for seminars and small conferences (4 halls of different sizes on the 1st floor and 3 seminar rooms on the 3rd floor) and service (coffee and buffet table setting).
  • Rest in the manor park with the special grill selection (by prior arrangement).
  • Fishing, including motor boating.
  • Bicycle rental, horseback riding and horse carriage services.

From summer 2020,  guests are welcome in the restaurant of Lielborne manor. Local, priority organic products are used in cooking. Work has begun on the restoration of fruit trees and shrubs in the manor, which will allow guests to enjoy interesting and original variations of food and drinks. The chef of the restaurant (finalist of the 2020 New Chefs Competition) has an exclusive opportunity to bring you asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb, mushrooms, berries, and, of course, pumpkins, courgettes and hopefully a watermelon harvest in the table! Come enjoy!

Manor restored BREAD OVEN offer:

For the young couple: the first - baking a sweet, salty or traditional loaf of happiness.

For a family holiday - celebrate the festivity and prepare a treat together with everyone!

The following Latgale culinary heritage dishes and drinks will be available in the restaurant:

- Tea of linden, elderberry, mint, heather, yarrow and other teas growing in the manor park;

- Pumpkin soup with Jerusalem artichoke chips;

- Delicious breakfast eggs,

- Rhubarb-quince sorbet;

- Seasonal tart "rye bread dessert";

- Waffles (baking master class possible)

- Seasonal delicacies such as pumpkin bread, courgette pancakes, berry drinks.

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