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Latgale region (Eastern part of Latvia) is a very special with its unique natural landscapes, cultivated traditions, rich and varied culture, but latgalian hospitality is like a business card for Latgale region which spreads outside Latvian boarder. Non has left the real latgalian house with an empty stomach. Every guest is treated with nourishing meal usually some of the Latgale Culinary Heritage dishes - griušļi, kļockas or potato blinis.

Thanks to the local delicacies, Latgale is particularly suitable destination for gourmets. In various farms guests can try out homemade cottage cheese and ice cream, honey and herbal teas, homemade bread and linseed oil, as well as participate in rye bread baking process and enjoy the home made wine from berries.

Latgale region is the European Culinary Heritage Network (, in this network you will also find different food recipes) member and since 2004 successfully operating in it.  Regional Culinary Heritage is a concept to promote and enhance regional foods and regional identities throughout a united Europe. Regional Culinary Heritage is the sign of quality for traditional and new food creations that promote the traditions of the region. One of the culinary heritage criteria is that prepared meal must contain at least 70% of local ingredients, which have been grown in the region.

With the aim of developing the network of Latgale Culinary Heritage and set up its marketing in December 2013 was established society Latgale Culinary Heritage Center which brings together 28 enterprises who are actively working in the network and offers to the guests Latgale Culinary Heritage dishes.

In 2015 Latgale Culinary Heritage Center got a prize EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) on a national level as a winner in the Tourism and Local gastronomy category.

Latgale Culinary Heritage can be found by common logo - chef’s hat on a blue background with fork and knife on both sides - shows the way to the shops, cafes, restaurants, guest houses, recreation centres and manufacturing companies, that protect and improve the local culinary heritage traditions of Latgale region.

This website summarizes information about the work of the Latgale Culinary Heritage Center society, enterprises operating in the Latgale Culinary Heritage network, and recipes of the most popular dishes and drinks of Latgale Culinary Heritage.

I am very glad to see you on this website and hope that the information posted here will help you to choose the route through Latgale, and the recipes will be useful for hostesses.


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Tatjana Kozačuka


Latgale Culinary Heritage Network Coordinator

Society Latgale Culinary Heritage Center Chairwoman of the Board