Fisherman`s homestead “Zvejnieki”

Fisherman`s homestead “Zvejnieki”

Fisherman`s homestead “Zvejnieki”


Address: Īdeņa, Nagļi parish, Rēzekne Municipality, Latvia
Tel.: +371 29165392, +371 28301143,,
Contact person: Anna Mačāne

Darba laiks

Business hours: by prior arrangement

Fisherman`s homestead “Zvejnieki”

The fisherman`s homestead is located on the shore of Lake Lubāns, which is the largest lake in Latvia. It`s a great place for active recreation throughout the whole year on the background of stunning sceneries, enjoying the unspoilt nature, magnificent sunsets and silence, hiking along the marsh trail Teirumnīki.

Guests are offered:

  • overnight accommodation for 30 persons, a bathhouse;
  • sports grounds and equipment;
  • premises for celebrations (in winter up to 15 persons, in summer up to 60 persons);
  • tent sites, a fire pit, beach;
  • boat, bicycle renting;
  • picking berries and mushrooms;
  • hunting and fishing;
  • bird watching;
  • food and drink.

At the fisherman`s homestead you can not only relax, but also have a meal.  The homestead specializes in the preparation of dishes from fresh fish according to old national Latgalian recipes, using local organic products. The guests are offered a variety of fish dishes such as uha, baked pike or carp with potato, cutlets from pike and roach, stuffed pike, smoked carp and many others. During hunting season, you can also enjoy ragout from mallards, as well as various game dishes.

At the homestead, organic vegetables and fruits from own orchid and garden; different healthy and medicinal herbal and fruit teas are offered.

It`s a great opportunity to taste the famous healing tincture of beaver gland that improves the metabolism and many other things.

Special offer: “Walleye roasted in the oven with vegetables”


Clean a walleye, salt and put on a baking paper on a tray. Put the potatoes, zucchini and other vegetables that are necessarily to be tossed in butter before around it. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. 5 minutes before the walleye is ready, sprinkle cheese and pour mayonnaise on it. Bon appetite!

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